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American girls

American girls

The American Girl experience is more than just a collection of toys. It is a collection of magical moments filled with goodness—moments that will nourish a little girl’s spirit, send her imagination soaring, and make her dreams come true.


What is included in the Party:

Meet and greet with a birthday child and the guests.

Themed activities: Our program includes the following:

- some pampering time! We will do braids and fun pony tails for girls with variety of the accessories they can choose from;

- Photo posing class to get some hints how to choose the best pose for pictures. It’s so much Fun! 

- to complete the program, children will make a DIY bracelet during the short class and they will have something to keep after this day is over! 


Singing Happy Birthday and Photo Opportunities: At about 10 minutes before our American Girls have to leave, we recommend bringing out the cake and singing Happy Birthday. After the cake ceremony,  They will offer hugs goodbye to all the children who would like one. 

Cost: $340 / 1h for 2 Characters ( up to 15 children, all supplies are included)

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