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Our Princess Cinderella is ready to light up the entire room as she makes her entrance.

She cares for all the guests and wants the children to have a lovely time. Just imagine how surprised your guests will be once they see this party character. 

What is included in the Party:

Meet and greet with a birthday boy or girl and your guests.

Princess Coronation Ceremony: A spotlight moment for the birthday child with a tiara to keep!

Royal Academy: Dance lesson and interactive themed games for both boys and girls.

Storytelling: The Cinderella Character loves telling stories about her life with stepmother and stepsisters and about her time at the ball at the royal kingdom and how the Prince found her again.

Singing Happy Birthday and Photo Opportunities: At about 10 minutes before the Princess has to leave, we recommend bringing out the cake and singing Happy Birthday. After the cake ceremony,  the Princess will offer hugs goodbye to all the children who would like one. 



$160 / 1h, additional character: $25 discount!

$90/ 20 min

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