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Wizard School

Wizard School

Whether wizards, witches, or muggles, there’s not one person who does not know the Boy Who Lived—Harry Potter! Let your children’s imagination and wonder fly as they enter the wizarding world with our party character.

What is included in the Party:

Meet and greet with a birthday boy or girl and your guests.

Hat Ceremony: One at a time, each of children from your party will be sorted into their houses with the hat, that we will bring. After they've been sorted each child will receive a sticker with their house crest on it.

Wand Selection, Spells lesson, and Dueling Club: Every young witch or wizard must have a wand, so a wand will select each of the children, and these wands will be in a basic spells lesson. The children will learn how to cast spells and get to practice on their teachers, and on each other. They will learn the proper form of a duel, and each pair who wishes to will have a chance to perform their rehearsed duel to music in front of the group. We even offer wands for purchase so that the children can keep their wands and continue practicing their magic long after the Wizard Students have left the party.

Singing Happy Birthday and Photo Opportunities with the Wizard Students: At about 10 minutes before the Characters have to leave, we recommend bringing out the cake and singing Happy Birthday. After the cake ceremony,  the Characters will offer hugs goodbye to all the children who would like one. 

​If time allows and depending of size of your party, we will play fun themed games afterwards.


Cost: Two Wizard Students/1 hour: $310

Deluxe Wand Upgrade

Want the children to keep their wands? Add Deluxe wands to your party package!

Add Deluxe Wands onto your Harry Potter Party Package for $7/wand. These wands will be used in our Defense Against the Dark Arts Lesson and Dueling Club activities, and the children will get to keep their wands at the end! These wands make great party favors, and enable the children to keep dueling and practicing their magic (and often times occupying themselves) long after the entertainers have left the party!

We will include a wide variety of styles and colors in every party pack of wands purchased. They will be similar to the ones pictured above, but not identical. 


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